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Top Name Marine Products At Low Prices

Please see our extensive inventory of marine products at wholesale prices including a wide selection of composite decking by manufacturer, color & design.

Our Product Line

We are your marine product experts when it comes to new construction and repair services. Our company provides a wide range of custom marine products & unique dock accessories. We service needs for both residential & commercial customers with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

You choose the colors and composites of your marine products, and we work with expert engineers to create your vision. We will work with you on a new design that fits your budget as well as repair existing structures to peak structural integrity. If needed, we offer emergency services to our customers without price gauging.

We stand by our work! All new construction comes with labor & material warranty. No matter how large or small the project, we handle it. All of our jobs are completely customized, and once you request our services, we will meet with you & provide an all inclusive estimate within 48 hrs.


Let us build your dream marine facility with a size & composition selected by you at a price that fits within your budget. Poseidon is a design / build company that provides its clients with custom pre-construction architectural plans limited only to imagination.

• Docks & Decks
• Seawalls
• Boat Slips
• Dune Crossovers
• Boat Houses
• Boardwalks
• Pedestrian Bridges

Gain peace of mind knowing that an assesment of repair is the most likely recommendation. We know that customers may need total replacement due to exposure, weather & wear, but deck replacement on a dock, roof replacement on a boathouse, or a seawall cap replacement is sometimes all that is needed to upgrade the facility. Again, cost & budget is always a consideration & we make it work to your benefit. We look forward to working with you on your next project.